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How To Monetize Instagram Reels With Play Bonus: An Ultimate Guide

Instagram Reels Monetization

Instagram has more than 1.8 million active users monthly. This is the perfect social media platform for monetization, and it has a new feature called “Reels.” Instagram reels are an excellent feature for creators to earn money by posting reels on Instagram. Reels are short videos that can be up to 90 seconds long, similar to TikTok videos. Nowadays, Instagram reels are getting more views and engagement than regular posts. It has a higher promotion with the help of the Instagram algorithm. Recently, play bonus is a new program run by Instagram to promote reels, where creators can earn money for per reel view. This article will teach you how to monetize with the Instagram reel play bonus.

What Is Instagram Reels Play Bonus

Reels play bonus is one of the Instagram monetizations that will give money to the creators who make Instagram reels. The amount you earn through the play bonus depends on your niche, impressions, and reach. According to Instagram, a play bonus is the best way for creators to earn money rather than brand collaboration or affiliate marketing. The reels play bonus allows users to create more reels to compete with TikTok and gain more views.

Eligibility Criteria For Reels Play Bonus

According to Instagram, the reels play bonus is currently available for U.S creators. They plan to expand the play bonus program across other countries. Here are some eligibility criteria that you should follow:

  • Make sure to create an Instagram business account.
  • You should have less than one million followers.
  • Must follow Instagram terms and policies.

How To Monetize Instagram Reels With Play Bonus

Once you set up the play bonus program on Instagram, you will begin to monetize with reels. Eligible creators who generate 1000 views within 30 days can earn money on Instagram reels. Here is the process of how the play bonus works:

  • You can access a play bonus for 30 days once you get the approval. Access the bonus tab on the Instagram app to find the expiration day.
  • After you get access, you can earn a bonus on those 30 days.  There is an option that allows you to choose the number of reels to count for a play bonus.
  • Instagram pays out your bonus based on reel performance, the number of plays, and the amount that differs from account to account. The pre-earning amount may vary when you no longer participate in the program.

Therefore, the bonus earnings depend on how well your reels are performing those 30 days. If you want to achieve many plays, hit the target of 1000 views to earn money.

How Much Can You Earn From Play Bonus

The amount you earn from the reel play bonus depends on whether Instagram will pay you. After you join the play bonus program, you need to hit the target number of plays for your reel content, and the final amount differs from account to account. For example, Instagram offers $7,500 for a creator to make Instagram reels, but he needs to get 9 million views to earn the total amount. You must note that you can earn full settlement without reaching your target plays. However, you can receive half the amount from Instagram when you reach half the number of plays.

How To Get Start With Instagram Reels Play Bonus

To get started with the reel play bonus, you must follow some rules and eligibility criteria to earn money from the play bonus program. Next, you need to set up a play bonus to receive payment. Let’s look at the three steps to get started with the reel play bonus:

Set Up A Play Bonus

Instagram does not allow every user to enter a play bonus program. So, once qualified, you get a notification from Instagram to set up your account to enable the bonus. Next, you must review, accept the terms and policies, select your country and business type. As a business owner, ensure you provide your tax and legal information for further processing. 

After completing the process, you can choose the payment method and see your bonus. Review the bonus, select the one you want to activate, and click on the option activate reels play bonus. Then add your payment account to start collecting your bonuses. Furthermore, if you add your payment account within six months, you will retain your right to get the payment.

Choose Reels For Monetization

After activating your play bonus, you want to select your reels for monetization. The reels you have chosen can regulate your final payment at the end of 30 days. Next, head to the bonuses page and select “Reels play bonus” to consider your reels count for the payout. Click on “Edit” and select “Play bonus” to make any changes in your reels within 24 hours. Finally, implement the bonus for the reels.

Follow The Rules And Qualification

Before you participate in the play bonus program, ensure that you understand the rules and eligibility to activate the program to achieve the target of earning money within 30 days. If you were unable to reach your target plays in a given period. Another option to earn a bonus is to reach at least 1000 views in your reels to get a payout. In case your reels may be ineligible when you apply the following methods:

  • Reels are ineligible for a play bonus when your content is paid partnership and sponsored.
  • Right holders claim Instagram reels to reward the money for creators’ originality. So when right holders claim that your reels are not original, you are ineligible for a play bonus.
  • However, Instagram offers two warnings before making your reels ineligible for a bonus payout. Still, if you get a third-time violation, you will be removed from monetizing your reels bonus.

Hence, when you overcome these strategies, your reels will take part in Instagram monetization.

Best Practices To Get More Views On Instagram Reels

To earn money on the Reels play bonus, you need to get more views for your Instagram reels. There are plenty of ways to boost views on reels, but here are a few ways to work well for your content to reach more people.

Use Trending And Latest Audio

Using trending audio in your reels is the best way to boost the audience’s reach on Instagram. When you use popular sounds can make your reel show up on the explore page of the users who have come across the same audio before. The trending sounds can increase the visibility of your reels and then convert them for a play bonus. Also, figure out a new way to use audio which helps to increase the audience’s engagement. You can also save other creators’ audio to use later in your videos to make your content go viral

Take Part In Trends And Challenges

Challenges and trends are excellent ways to engage your audience with your reels. Whenever you do challenge videos on your reels can increase the content visibility, and people are most likely to view your videos. Moreover, create engaging and funny videos to make your audience laugh and gain new followers.

Collaborate With Influencers

Partnering with influencers relevant to your niche can work great to hike reels views . When the influencers post your brand content on their account can increase the followers, reach, and engagement. Make sure to work with the right influencer to earn a high return on investment.

Best Time To Post Content

The main aspect is to post your reels at the right time to increase engagement and views. Track your insights in analytical tools to know when your audience is most active, then post content at that best time. Use creator studio to schedule the content to post your reels automatically at the right time.  

Final Thoughts

Reels play bonus is a great opportunity for every creator to monetize and make their presence on Instagram to build awareness and audience engagement. Ensure you follow the rules and eligibility to earn a bonus from your reels. Also, implement the above four best practices in your reels to gain more views and get access to the play bonus. Utilize the benefits of posting the reels at the right time to maximize brand visibility. At least have 1000 views to make money with Instagram reels.