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It is a difficult task to manually gain story views. You can buy Instagram story views to increase social proof. With more story views, you are able to reach and retain organic followers.

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Service Information:

  • Buy Instagram Story Views (All Story Views) – Views for all live stories
  • Buy Instagram Last Story Views – Views for recent story
  • Buy Instagram Highlight Story Views – Views for achieved stories

Service Features:

  • High quality views
  • Delivery starts within 15 minutes
  • In Instagram highlight views, only the cover story of each achieved highlights receive views
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What Is the Difference Between Instagram Story Views And Highlight Views?


Instagram story views are the number of people who viewed your story when it was live for 24 hours. Whereas Instagram highlight views are the combined views of the story and the new people who viewed archived stories as a part of the highlight.


What Is Instagram Story Views?


Instagram’s hottest trending part is its stories. Stories are great for building a marketing campaign. Instagram story views are the number of visitors to the account who has viewed your stories. These visitors turn into fans and followers and brand into a story-teller. Buy Instagram story views to expand your horizons completely.


What Is Instagram Story Highlight Views?


When the stories which are archived are placed together in an album or folder, it is called a highlight. The Instagram highlight views are the total number of visitors who have viewed the story as well as the highlight later on. It displays the name of the visitors using the algorithm for the order.


Why You Should Buy Instagram Story Views, Highlight Views And Last Story Views From


Buy Instagram story views and buy Instagram highlight views to increase the number of views on your stories. Higher the number of views on the stories, higher will be reach and the followers and the position on the story feed which why you need to buy Instagram story views and buy Instagram highlight views. Along with buy Instagram story views service, provides buy Instagram highlights views service to make your profile appealing to the visitors.


Why Are Business Accounts Looking To Buy Instagram Story Views?


Business accounts these days are looking for fun and creative Instagram stories. Buy Instagram story views to grow engagement, build brand awareness, drive traffic and even sell your products online. Instagram stories have gained the attention of every marketer in the world. Buy Instagram story views to increase the number of followers on your account and spread the stories with other people. It in return leads to better sales results and more customers. It is important to have a strategy to buy Instagram story views to depict a brand’s success.


Which Is More Important, Instagram Story Views Or Highlight Views?


You can buy Instagram story views or Instagram highlight views to make your profile stronger and authentic. The importance of both the metrics is as per the need. If you require more of the story views i.e. followers or other users viewing your live stories, then buy Instagram story views. Or else, buy Instagram highlight views to get more views on your archived stories which shows the best of the brand.


Which One Can I Buy, Instagram Story Views Or Instagram Highlight Views?


You can buy Instagram story views or buy Instagram highlight views as per your requirement. It is critical to buy Instagram highlight views more as it speaks about yourself, and it covers the life events. There is no restriction on the number of highlights that you can create with five latest to get displayed near bio. Buy Instagram story views for instant results on the latest events and stories that you post. There is no such clear demarcation to buy Instagram story views or buy Instagram highlight views.


What Does Last Story Mean?


An Instagram story is available only for 24 hours, after which it disappears unless and until it is included in the highlight. The last story is the recent most uploaded story which has exhausted and the last story views are the number of visitors to that story.


Who Should Buy Last Story Views?


This is all dependent on the user; if you only have a single story in your account, then you can buy Instagram story, views for the last story which is quite effective and fast. If you have multiple stories on the account, then buy Instagram story views for a recent story or the last story whichever you want.

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  1. Adam Kallen

    I posted an Instagram story demonstrating how my product works for which I had less number of views. I just took a stand and purchased Instagram Story views after which my videos became more popular. All credit belongs to Snaphappen

  2. Claire Davis

    I purchased last story views from Snaphappen and then organic views started increasing for my story drastically. I’m really happy with the results.

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