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To improve the profile metrics for the advertising campaign or the content, you can buy Instagram impressions or Instagram reach. Else, you can buy Instagram profile visits for better engagement.



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  • Service Information:

    • Impressions – Your Photo/ Video Instagram Post receive Impressions
    • Reach – Your Photo/ Video Instagram Post receive Reach only
    • Profile Visits -Your Profile Receive Views from Authentic People

    Service Features:

    • Premium Impressions and Reach Service
    • Delivery Starts Instantly
    • For Instagram Reach, Insights take up to 20 minutes to show the stats

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    What is the Difference Between Instagram Impressions and Reach?

    Once you open the insights for a post or an ad, you can see two highlighted words ‘impressions’ and ‘reach’. Instagram impressions mean the total number of times your ad or content has popped on the screen of the users whereas Instagram reach means the total number of people who have seen your content.

    What are Impressions on Instagram Insights?

    Many people forget to use the metrics to plan or design future posts or ads. It is really crucial to understand the analytics for the content through Instagram insights. The most common two terms are Instagram reach and impressions. Instagram impressions depict the number of times the content has been displayed whether there was an engagement or not.

    Can Instagram reach be higher than impressions?

    Instagram Reach will always be smaller than the Instagram impressions because reach refers to the unique visitors to your post or ad. They can generate multiple impressions by viewing the content again and again. So, reach is all about uniqueness and it can be equal or less than the impressions.

    Why You Should Buy Instagram Impressions, Reach and Profile Visits from

    Snaphappen is the best place to buy Instagram impressions, reach and profile visits as they provide the services in the best prices ever. You can buy Instagram reach from here to get unique users to the content who may follow your page, comment on the post, like the content, etc. Snaphappen is the ultimate social media services marketplace where you can buy Instagram profile visits as well.

    Why are Business Accounts Looking to Buy Instagram Impressions?

    You can easily get the Instagram impressions for free from the content you post on the page and getting the followers to view it. You can even increase the impressions by conventional methods. But the obvious reason to buy Instagram impressions is that you can buy and you should buy it. Business accounts these days are buying impressions and distributing them across the posts. It shows that your business account has a big reach and is popular amongst social media users. It is all about perception, so buy Instagram reach to create a good impression on the customers. Use Instagram as the marketplace and buy Instagram profile visitors to reach out to the wider audience.

    Which is More Important, Reach or Impressions?

    Both the metrics, Instagram impressions, and Instagram Reach, are most valuable in communicating a brand’s success. These both statistics are better measure together along with other factors like engagements, clicks, and shares. So, to give a comprehensive data about your marketing efforts, it crucial to consider both reach and impressions important.

    What are Profile Visits on Instagram?

    It is an interesting feature of Instagram wherein the number of people who have visited your account is visible at the top of the statistics. It shows the number and does not tell who these visitors are.

    Which One can I Buy, Instagram Impressions or Reach?

    It all depends on your goal to buy Instagram impressions or buy Instagram reach. In order to grow a social media presence and increase the impact of social media on customers, you must have certain goals set. If you are willing to reach the new customers and expand the customer base, then buy Instagram reach to make a better measurement of success. If you want to nurture the existing followers along with reaching to new ones, you can buy Instagram impressions.

    Buy Instagram impressions to reach out to a smaller number of unique visitors but getting more engagement. Buy Instagram reach to reach out to the wider customer base.

    Why Should You Give More Preference to Buy Instagram Profile Visits?

    One of the main reasons to buy Instagram profile visitors is that it gives a huge number of footfalls on the account which in turn can lead to an increase in impressions and reach. You can buy Instagram profile visitors easily from Once you buy Instagram profile visitors, you can buy Instagram impressions or buy Instagram reach to create a great social media marketing strategy. It popularises your business and helps in growing at a fast pace. Getting organic profile visitors is a slow process and hence you should buy Instagram profile visitors.


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