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Buy IGTV Views $0.95
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What Is Instagram TV Views(IGTV)?

Instagram TV Views are a count based on the number of times the audiences have played your video content. They have to cross 3 seconds mark in order to get their views counted by IGTV. IGTV Views are extremely important as the higher the views, the higher is the chances of your video getting discovered by new people.

Moreover, people always love to check out the videos with higher Instagram TV Views count. To make your videos easily discoverable, you can buy IGTV Views at a very cheap rate from Many creators have started to buy IGTV Views to make their videos become viral among the Instagram global community.

Buy Instagram TV Views

Why Instagrammers need to buy Instagram TV Views?

If you do not have a large follower base, it is going to be hard for you initially to get views on you IGTV videos. Without enough views, the video will not be promoted by Instagram to new people. Furthermore, your own followers may not check your video out when they see a low views count. Therefore, you have to Buy Instagram TV Views for every video you publish.

When the views increase after you buy IGTV Views service, you will see that new people have started to follow you. This is because your video is getting discovered by new people and if they like your video, they will definitely follow you for more new exciting video content in the future. So, you should buy Instagram TV Views for greater reach and get more new followers.

Buy Instagram TV Likes

What Is Instagram TV Likes(IGTV)?

Instagram TV Likes is a count based on the number of times the audiences have hit the Like button while watching the video content. On the main screen, IGTV Likes count is hidden with the Views Count. Only when you click the Views, you can see the Instagram TV Likes for a specific video and get the name of the audiences who hit the Like button. Just like Views, IGTV Likes are equally important to make a video discoverable among the global Instagram community.

Without waiting for your viewers to hit the Like button when they watch the video, you should take the initiative to manipulate Instagram TV Likes. For that, you can to buy Instagram TV Likes from at a very cheap rate. has the best IGTV marketing services to make your video highly discoverable and even viral to reach out to millions of users. All the services are safe and when you buy IGTV Likes, make sure you have more IGTV Views than the Likes such that it looks believable.

Why Instagrammers need to buy Instagram TV Likes?

Instagram TV Likes are equally important as Instagram TV Views for the IGTV algorithm to decide the reach your video should get among new people. Therefore, the more IGTV Likes you have, the greater are the chances of your video getting promoted among the global community. Without waiting for organic likes for the viewers, you should buy IGTV Likes services from

Not all the viewers leave a like after watching a video, and it will look odd for a new viewer if your IGTV Likes and Views ratio is extremely low. Any new viewer will be encouraged to check your video content out when the Likes count is close to the Views count. You can buy Instagram TV Likes along with IGTV Views to push your video to get promoted among new audiences organically.

What Is Instagram TV Comments(IGTV)?

Every Instagram video content has three parameters based on which the IGTV algorithm decides the reach for the video to new audiences. Apart from IGTV Views and IGTV Likes, Instagram TV Comments is the third vital parameter. More than Views and Likes, a greater priority has given to IGTV Comments in the algorithms. More comment means more engagement in a video content and Instagram loves to promoting engaging content all the time.

But the viewers do not leave comments very often, and that is where the need for buying IGTV comments comes onto the scene. provides the cheapest IGTV Comments services to help the Instagrammers make their videos popular and more discoverable. There are three different types of Instagram TV Comments services available.

Buy Instagram TV Comments

Custom Comments

Custom IGTV Comments is the bestselling service on It is indispensable for Instagrammers as the buyers can buy IGTV Custom Comments service, and specifically mention the comments they want to see in their videos. Therefore, the buyers have the full control to regulate the comments, but they have to spend some time in writing the comments or phrases and send them to us for publishing on their IGTV videos. It is a total value for money, service as the comments will be more relevant and the new viewers will get influenced by them to share your video among their followers.

Random Comments

From the name you can understand the comments will be random and may not be relevant to the video content in greater details. The buyer will not have any say on the comments like which words or phrases to include. Along with positive comments, there can be a few negative comments to give the impression of genuine IGTV Comments to the viewers. It is the cheapest Instagram TV Comments service you can buy. But the fact is that very few buyers prefer to buy IGTV Random Comments service as they do not have any influence on the comments. But not many people have expressed their dissatisfaction after buying the service.

Emoji Comments

Emojis are a way to express your comments in a short graphical way. Emoji comments on videos have become a popular thing in the modern times. There is a wide variety of emojis available, and when you buy IGTV Emoji Comments service from, emojis are randomly selected and posted in the comment section of your IGTV videos. Rather than buying Random comments, most of the people opt for it as the emojis in IGTV Comments are always relevant and make sense for any type of video.

Why Instagrammers need to buy Instagram TV Comments?

Instagram TV Comments is the most significant factor that determines the engagement, and hence, the promotion of the video in the home feeds of new people on Instagram. Even when your video has mediocre views and likes, if the comments are overwhelmingly high, Instagram will make your video more discoverable as it considers your video content extremely engaging.

You can buy IGTV Comments from at an affordable rate as per your requirements. One can buy Instagram TV Comments such as random comments, emoji comments, and even custom comments. You can consider it as an investment to reach out to more and more new people and get more followers to increase views and likes organically in subsequent videos you publish.

What Is IGTV?

Instagram has launched a brand new app named IGTV by which normal users will be able to upload videos of length 15 seconds to 10 minutes. But the larger accounts especially the verified Instagrammers can upload videos of length up to 60 minutes through the web browser only. This is an add-on app to Instagram and users can launch the IGTV app directly from the Instagram app with a simple tap on the new IGTV section. This new feature will be highly useful for Instagram influencers to upload long-form videos directly on Instagram. The followers can enjoy videos of their favorite creators on IGTV without having to go on any other platform like YouTube.

Instagram TV has the mobile-first approach, and you can watch videos vertically and in full screen. The design is very intuitive, and the video starts playing as soon as you open the app. The CEO of Instagram has mentioned that the main objective behind IGTV is to let everyone be a creator on the platform including the ones who are yet to have heavy followers like influencers. Anyone can showcase their creative side through long duration videos to entertain their followers.

How Instagram TV Influences Business Promotion?

Instagram TV opens up a new dimension for the brands and influencers to reach out to their existing followers in a better way and get discovered by the new targeted audiences faster than ever.

IGTV influences the business promotions in the following two ways:

Stronger Connection

Businesses can upload longer videos with deeper storytelling to engage the potential customers in the best possible ways. They can create stronger connections through IGTV by showcasing different dimensions of their businesses without getting limited by similar type of content, duration, or format.

Greater Reach

Instagram TV is designed for allowing the creators to reach out to a global community of over 800 million followers. Not just your existing followers who will see your video content when they open IGTV, the new people can also discover your brand conveniently on Instagram TV like never before.


The below tips help you to know more about how to use IGTV.

You need to create an IGTV channel where you can upload videos for people to watch. Take the following steps to create a channel on IGTV.

From Mobile App –

Step 1. Install IGTV app from the Play Store.

Step 2. Open IGTV app and tap on Ring icon.

Step 3. Select Create Channel option and follow the on-screen instruction to create your channel successfully.

From Web Browser –

Step 1. Go to and Log into your account.

Step 2. Go to your Profile and click on IGTV option.

Step 3. Select Create Channel option and follow the on-screen instruction to create your channel successfully.

You can save a draft of your IGTV video only from your computer. This feature is not yet available through the app. Follow the following steps to save a draft of your IGTV video.

Step 1. Open from your computer web browser.

Step 2. Upload your video and add a title, description, and cover photo.

Step 3. Click on Save Draft video.

When you want to see your saved draft, you can go to your profile and click on Channel and then to View Drafts option. You can edit and delete the draft videos.

Sharing IGTV video on the Facebook Page of which you are an admin has been made simple.

From The App –

Step 1. Upload your video and add all the parameters like title, description, and cover photo.

Step 2. Turn the toggle button on besides Facebook Page option.

Step 3. Enter your Facebook login information, if you have not already.

Step 4. Tap on Post option, and it will be posted on your Facebook Page.

From Web Browser –

Step 1. Upload your video with all the details.

Step 2. Go to Share To option and click on Facebook Page to turn in on.

Step 3. Enter your Facebook login information, if you have not already.

Step 4. Click on Post option, and it will be posted on your Facebook Page.

Depending on the privacy settings on your Instagram account, the visibility of your IGTV channel and videos is determined.

If the account setting is set to Public, anyone on Instagram can view your channel and videos.

If the account setting is set to Private, only your followers can view your channel and videos.

You can always block an unwanted person on Instagram so that he/she cannot see your photos or videos.

You can check out the insights for your videos such as likes, comments, views, percent of video watched, as well as audience retention graph.

Step 1. Tap the video whose insights you want to see.

Step 2. Tap on Ring icon(iPhone)/ Vertical Triple Dot icon at the bottom of the video.

Step 3. Tap on View Insights to watch all the different parameters.