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What Is The Best Time To Post Instagram Reels [2023]

Best Time To Post Instagram Reels

Instagram is one of the best social media platforms for marketing your businesses. It is useful to reach your audience easily by posting brand-related content and converting your followers into customers. Posting contents will not solemnly provide the best opportunities for business. Analyzing when the users are active on instagram is equally important for posting. However, checking your users’ activity is relatively easy on this platform. 

Spending more quality time on your social media account can help you know the best time to post Instagram reels. For instance, if you post a particular content format on a specific day of the week at a specific time, it get many likes, shares, and comments from the users. However, this does not mean your post will get consistent engagement every time. You have to note down the best times for posting Instagram reels for maximizing your content’s reach among your audience and gain more followers for your account. This article can help you know the best time to post your content on reels.

Best Time To Post Reels On Instagram 

Posting reel at the perfect times is important to increase engagement and drive more traffic for your account to generate leads. As a matter of fact, Instagram reels get more engagement than any other type of content format, and statistics show that it enhances your reachability than other posts on Instagram. You can make reels on low budgets which attracts many small businesses to make content on Instagram, and it helps to grow their brand’s identity. Each brand has a different reason to post reels on Instagram. Posting quality content can help your brand to find a target audience. Besides, you need to know the best time for your reels to grab new followers for your account. Every audience has unique expectations on their perspective, so posting at the perfect time depends on your target audience. Analyze when your audiences are active and post content at the best time.

Instagram Insights

You can measure your followers’ engagement with the help of an Instagram analytical tool and it gives data about your reel insights. To access this tool, you must need a creator or business account on Instagram. With this account, you can know information about the prime time of your audience on Instagram.

How to set up a business account

Follow the below steps to switch your account from personal to business account 


  • First, set your Instagram account from private to public
  • Then go to your Instagram profileInstagram Profile Icon
  • Go to the “Settings” option and tap the three dots at the top right corner of the screen.Settings Option
  • Next, Click the “Account” option.Account option
  • Click on the “Switch to business profile” button, by navigating to Your Account option.


Instagram asks you to connect your profile with your Facebook account. If you don’t have a Facebook account, then create one. Having a business account helps you to find when your target audience is active on Instagram, and you will see these stats by viewing the “Insights” option in your profile.

Discover Your Unique Offer

Finding what makes your business unique from your competitors can attract a large audience segment for your profile. Why should the audience watch your content? It comes from the user side, you must give a reason for them to watch your reels. In fact, skills and physical appearance are the best compliments for your unique offering.

Use Hashtags For Reels

Popular hashtags can help you get more likes and reach the audience quickly. Create your own hashtags for attracting potential audiences to your Instagram Reels. You can also add hashtags to Instagram reels by selecting the sticker or the hashtags stickers. Otherwise type your hashtags in stickers and you will get a suggestion relevant to your hashtags at the bottom of the screen. Including hashtags for your reel can help your brand to reach a wider audience.

Find the Best Time Manually

If you are unable to use the analytics features, move on to find the best time to post reels on Instagram by checking manually. You can know the perfect time for your reel by monitoring your post regularly. To check the finest time for your reel by uploading a couple of posts at different times and making a spreadsheet with this data. Take notes of the spreadsheet about your post performance. Check for the post with maximum engagement rate after a week and find the type of content that reaches more audience. Monitoring and tracking your post activities can help you to know the prime time for your post and which is best in the long run. Knowing the best time to post is vital to get your audience engaged and to improve the post’s content quality. Funny, inspiring, and motivating reels are the contents that can best reach the audience and keep them engaged. This type of content stands out when compared to other types of content. 

Find Your Audience Location

If you share content with a global audience, you should know your audience’s time zone, as it helps publish your reels to the target audience. You can know your follower’s information with the use of Instagram insights. This tool can show you in-depth analytics of your audience, like the country they belong to and their active time on the platform. These factors give you the best time to post your content. Finding the time zones of your audience can have an enormous impact on your post.

Post Consistent Reel

Posting reels regularly can gives you to reach more users on Instagram. If you need to succeed on reels, follow the content strategy in stories or original feeds. Follow the strategy to increase the chance of your reels going viral on these platforms. Instagram algorithms always prioritize new things, so consistent posting is helpful to increase your brand reach. Posting often can support knowing about your target audiences, such as the type of content they like from your brand, when they are primarily active. 

Instagram calendar can allow you to schedule contents. When you are in a plan of consistent posting, scheduling is the best option to process your content. Once you schedule, it automatically shares a post to your account . You don’t need to log in to your profile every time you post and thereby you can save your time. 

Competitor Analysis

Analyzing your competitors on Instagram can be useful to find critical factors like the frequency of their posts and what time they usually post content. Observing your competitors’ activity on social media platforms is one of the excellent ways to find the best times to post Instagram reels. Creating competitor information is helpful for your brand to explore key insights about your business. Comparing competitors’ data with yours is important to reach your target audience more than your competitors.

Collaborating With Influencers

Influencers have huge fan bases and they are mostly trustable by their followers on instagram. Collaborating with influencers is an excellent way to reach your audience because they can convert their followers into your customers. This is the biggest reason to use influencer marketing for your brand. It’s a win-win situation for both the influencers and brands because of the mutual benefits they gain. Instagram allows you to partner with other users, which is one of the keys to your success. It’s the best idea to reach a new audience for your profile. Making agreements between brands and influencers can be useful  for each other’s growth.


Instagram is a popular social media channel for businesses and creators to meet their marketing goals. Quality and time of posting are the two main factors for a content to achieve audience engagement. Here quality means the type of content your target audience likes to watch, such as entertainment, innovation, education, motivation, information, etc. Knowing your potential audience’s expectations of your content can help your brand grow to the next level. You can create an effective content strategy that is useful to meet your business goals. While finding the best time to post reels on Instagram is a crucial part of an overall engagement to your account, you can also do this by knowing Instagram insights. The advantage of analyzing your best time can help to boost engagement, gain more new followers to your account, and make conversions on sales.