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7 Tips To Increase Views On Instagram Reels

How To Get More Views On Instagram Reels

Instagram is one of the popular social media platforms for marketing your brand. Reels are a powerful Instagram marketing strategy to hook your customers on business, and it’s getting more engagement than other types of content on platforms. Using reels is excellent for growing your brand and making conversions on sales. Getting engagement for your reels is by knowing the right strategies. You need to boost your audience’s attention for your account, then create reels with the most relevant content. It can help to get more views for your Instagram account. There are many reasons behind taking advantage of reel features. Marketing your brand using reels can boost followers and help the target audience to find more content from your account.

Why Should Post Instagram Reels For Your Business

Reels are short-form video formats that can make a massive conversion on your business. With the help of reels, users can obtain information quickly. So many influencers, brands, and content creators are taking steps to make reels for their content to get an ideal place across the world. Creating reels like fun, creative, innovative, informative, and entertaining helps to get more audience attention and increase your brand awareness on the platforms. While creating reels for your brand can help to captivate more new followers for your profile and help to build a strong community. Using popular songs or remix trending reels when creating reels can help to get chances for your post to appear on the explore page. Instagram algorithm automatically takes your reels to the top ranking on the platforms, which can help increase audience engagement for your profile. 

Seven Tips To Increase Views On Instagram Reels 

Instagram reels are getting more engagement than other video content on Instagram. Posting more reels can help to increase your profile chances of getting more likes, views, and comments. Comparatively, video posts make more views on Instagram than photo posts. Here are the tips to increase your reels views on Instagram

Make High-Quality Content

Instagram is a primarily discoverable visual platform all over the world. So creating content on Instagram reels can help to maximize your brand awareness and your content should attract more people to get engagement. Create more valuable, creative, and exciting reels for your target audience, and try to use unique things. Make use of reel features to create videos for potential audiences most engaging with your content. 

While repurposing popular content from various social media platforms is a great way to increase engagement rates, be conscious about quality when using other content.  Make sure to avoid things when repurposing content like low-quality reels and some with watermarks of other brands. If you use this type of content in your reel post, then Instagram algorithm automatically takes this to less discoverable parts on platforms. Due to these factors, create reel posts with unique and high-quality content to rank high on the explore page. Once you get more audience attention for your post can boost your business.

Post Reels Regularly

Regular posting is one of the key factors to get better results on your Instagram reels. Instagram promotes reels with the help of an algorithm, so posting your content in reels might be a chance to get more exposure on platforms. Posting more reels is also crucial to get more views on your Instagram reels. When you post content regularly can help to get chances for your video to show up on the reel feed, and it’s also an intimation for Instagram that you are using this feature frequently.


Make sure to post content regularly at the same time, for doing this, you can use Instagram scheduler software to schedule a reel post, and scheduling can help you to maintain a time for your post. After a couple of days, you might see some results with your reels. If you have a business or creator account on Instagram, can give you all insights about your account. The insights can also show which time your followers are most active on Instagram. With the help of insights, you can post reels at a particular time to get more views on Instagram reels which could boost your followers for your account. 

Use Trending Audio Track In Your Reels

Using popular songs for reels is one of the secrets that Instagram experts do to increase reel views. Instagram algorithms automatically place your reels on the explore page when you get enough views with your post. Instagram has a vast set of songs in the audio library, and users can use those songs in their reels. However, if a song becomes very trending on Instagram, numerous users can make reels with that particular song. So, popular songs can make more audiences watch the reels. When a user watches, again and again, reels from the same song, the algorithm ensure to add more videos on the same song to their feeds. So this way can help songs get very popular on platforms.

Creating reels with trending songs can help increase views on Instagram, which could make more followers for your profile. Tab the music icon at the bottom of the video to check whether the song is trending or not. Music tab displays more videos then makes reels with that song for your audience engagement. Apart from the music, you can also use editing tools and visual effects for your reels. Instagram motivates you to use those features because if you use new features on Instagram, it gives more chances for your profile exposure and is also helpful to them. 

Adding Caption

Engagement means getting more likes, views, and comments for your reels. If you only get more views on your reels, it doesn’t mean your post will go viral, which could also have more likes and comments. Adding attractive captions can leverage instagram algorithms by getting more engagement for your reels. Writing captions in your reels is one of the major tactics to boost more users’ views. Engaging captions means adding some content relevant to your reels and giving users a reason to engage with your content. 

Another way to add an engaging caption is by asking questions in your caption. If you add a question in your caption, it can increase audience interaction for your reels. That is because users may answer your question through comments and promptly respond to audience comments. These activities might help to enhance engagement for your profile reach, and receiving more likes, comments, and shares from the audience can make your content show on the explore page through Instagram algorithm.


Adding relevant hashtags in your reels

A hashtag is one of the best ways to improve organic views for your post. If you are a newcomer to this platform, then make use of hashtags in your post to reach your target audience. With the help of hashtags, Instagram can show the most relevant content to people. Hashtags also benefit the audience because they search for relevant content using hashtags. Hence, if you are a beginner, then use trending hashtags to boost organic reach. 

Besides, make sure to add relevant hashtags for your content to maximize your reel’s reach across the platforms. Otherwise, use popular hashtags on your post that have millions of followers because when people search for those hashtags, your content may be visible. Even if you don’t know how to use hashtags for your reels, use Instagram hashtag generator tools to get hashtags for your content.

Best Time To Post

Posting at the perfect time is one of the marketing strategies to get more views and engagement for your business. How to find the best time to post a reel? It is by knowing when your followers are mostly active, and you can track this in two ways. If you are using a business or creator account, you can quickly get your follower’s activity through the Instagram insights feature, which gives in-depth detail about your followers. You can view the most active time of your followers at the bottom of the insights page. Other hand, you can track this by monitoring your post. When it comes to monitoring, you have spent most time finding when your followers are most active on Instagram.


Reuse other social media content

You are spending lots of time creating reel content, and here is an idea to make reels by repurposing other social media platforms. If certain content is popular on a social media platform, repurpose it, which is the best way to increase audience engagement. Actually, repurposing old content is a time-saving process and gives your content a new form. Before repurposing content, check whether the content has high quality and reaches many audiences on that platform. Alternatively, You can use any posts that connect your ideas on Instagram, take the content and reuse it, and this makes your account reach out to many people. But before posting that content, you must get permission from the original creator. Repurposing popular content makes an effective conversion on your profile.


Instagram reel is one of the important features that give more exposure on this platform. Sharing your reels in the stories section can help to increase audience visibility for your content. Users can view Instagram reels in the explore page, stories, and reels tab. It can be the major benefit of creating reels to make a higher engagement rate. Hope, this article gives you seven tips to get more views on your Instagram reels. Use those tips to make the conversion on your profile, which will help the growth of your brand. Creating reels is the most effective tactic for a brand to increase followers. Once you get more followers for your account can help to enhance audience engagement.