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5 Easy Way To Share Instagram Reels To Facebook

Share Instagram Reels To Facebook

Metaverse provides a great opportunity for users and creators to cross-promote content between two platforms, Instagram and Facebook. Make sure that your reels are performing well and have more audience engagement. Instagram reels are a significant part of Metaverse’s effort to compete with TikTok, and it has come up with several updates to improve the reels feature. Instagram reels will be shared on Facebook when it reaches more people. When you want to make your reel content viral, you must consider the Instagram algorithm to gain more views. Ensure you connect your Instagram account to Facebook to share reels for more exposure. Do you want the best tips for sharing Instagram reels on Facebook? You are in the right place; read this article to share reels on Facebook. 


Is It Possible To Share The Instagram Reels On Facebook?

Yes, It is possible to share your Reels on Facebook. Follow the steps below to share the Instagram reels on Facebook:

  • Ensure that you have Instagram with the updated version.
  • Open Instagram on your device and click the profile icon in the lower  left corner.
  • In your profile section, tap the “Reels” option.
  • You can choose any reels on Instagram, click  the “Share” button, and tap “Facebook.”
  • Now your Instagram reels are shared to Facebook.


Share Instagram reels in any social media apps like Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Press the Share button then select the platform you want to share. You can share your reels even as links in a text message or email.


How To Share Instagram Reel To Facebook?

Before you share reels, ensure that you link your Instagram account to Facebook. So, linking Instagram accounts to Facebook can be easily done in a few steps. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Open Instagram , then click the profile icon in the lower right corner. Profile Icon
  • Select the “hamburger” icon at the above corner of your profile and select “Settings.”Hamburger Icon And Settings
  • In Settings, click on “Account” and next select “Sharing with other apps” or Set up accounts depending on the option that is available on your device.Share With Other Apps
  • You can find “Facebook,” click on it then login to your Facebook. Click Facebook
  • Finally, click on the dot to share on Facebook.Enable Facebook

Now you link your Instagram account to Facebook. Next, you will see how to share Instagram reels to Facebook. Follow the steps below:

  • Record a reel or choose the video from your gallery.Select Reels
  • Next, tap the box at the lower left corner of the screen to select a reel option on your phone.
  • Next, select the video you have chosen and click “Add” at the top corner of the screen.Add Option
  • Select the “Share to Feed” option before you upload your reel.

Share To Feed

  • Click “Share” in the right corner of the screen.

Share Option

  • Now you successfully shared Instagram reels to Facebook.


Connect An Instagram Reels To Facebook


There is an alternative method to share reels on Facebook. With this method, you will know how to connect an Instagram reels with Facebook. So you can easily share the content among your followers on the both platforms. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Open Facebook  on your device and get logged in.
  • After that, click on the Hamburger icon in the bottom right edge of the screen to open the Menu.
  • In the Menu section,move down and choose Settings & Privacy.
  • In Privacy, select Account Settings.
  • Then, click on Linked Accounts.
  • Now, select Instagram Reels.
  • At last, type the Username and Password of your Instagram account to connect with Facebook. 

Now, you’re sharing Instagram reels to Facebook.

Connect Instagram Reels To Facebook


Share Instagram Reels On Facebook Story

Instagram reels a short form video that allows users to make a video for 15 seconds. You can also edit the reel video and add music from the Instagram library. Users can share their reels in Instagram stories and post them on feeds. Now, share Instagram reels to Facebook story with a few steps below:

  • First, open the Instagram app, then start recording reels or uploading videos from your phone gallery.
  • Next, Choose “Reels” from the list in the Menu.
  • Then, Select the photos or videos you want to edit. Also, add music from the Instagram music library, or else use the music from your own library.
  • Once you complete editing the reels, click “Share” at the top of the screen.
  • Finally, select “Facebook Story” or “Post to Feed” to share your reel on Facebook.

Share Instagram Reels To Facebook Story

Enable One Tap Sharing On Facebook

It is possible to share all your future reels to Facebook by enabling one tap option that will automatically add them to Facebook. Follow the below steps to enable one tap sharing:

  • Go to the Instagram app, next click on the profile icon.
  • After that, click on the three line icon located at the top right corner of the screen.
  • Select “Settings” and click “Account Center” by scrolling down.
  • Follow the steps to add the account that you want to share.
  • Then find the automatic share in the settings and enable it.

Now, all your future reels will automatically share on Facebook.

Steps To Follow If You Click The “Don’t Allow” Option

Instagram asks for an option to connect the Instagram reels with Facebook, but you accidentally click on the “Don’t allow” option. There is no need to worry; you can join Facebook again. Here are the simple steps to solve this problem:

  • Look for settings in Instagram, and click Apps and Websites.
  • Next, you will see all the websites and apps connected in the Instagram account. Then search Facebook from the list of apps and select it.
  • After that, you will spot some permissions that ask you to connect Facebook with your Instagram account. Ensure you check permissions for Reels and click Done.

Now Instagram reels connected to Facebook while you click on the “Don’t allow” option.

What Happens After You Cross-Post The Reels?

When cross-post the Instagram reels to Facebook can boost engagement rates to build a stronger presence on social media platforms. However, the visibility of your Facebook reels depends on the privacy settings on Facebook. If you have an Instagram account public and Facebook account private, then the reels are only visible to specific friends or users. Make sure that both your accounts are public and then only visible to all the users on Facebook. 


Now that you know how to share the Instagram reel to Facebook and try to implement the above methods to share it. So, sharing reels to Facebook is the best way to gain more social media exposure and increase the number of followers. Through this, you not only build brand awareness, but your reel may also go viral. There is no need to post separately; once you link Facebook to your Instagram account, your reels will automatically upload on both platforms.


Frequently Asked Questions


Is It Possible To Share Reels On Facebook After Uploading It On Instagram?

Yes, you can share your Instagram reels by selecting the option “Share” on Instagram app at the base of the screen. Select “Save video” on Instagram, which will save it within your app, and you can upload a reel on Facebook.


How To Share Particular Reels On Facebook?

When you enable the automatic sharing option, all your future reels will automatically be shared to Facebook account. But if you need to share only specific reels on Facebook, disable the automatic sharing option and then share specific posts manually while posting them on Instagram.


How To Enable Recommended Features For Your I Reels?

Instagram’s new feature will allow you to recommend the reels on Facebook. It helps you to reach more audiences and promote your reel performance. Reels recommended options on Facebook will be visible to everyone, including those not on your friend list. If you want to turn on this feature, go to Settings -> Privacy -> Reels and Remix and enable the button.