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Reach Vs. Impressions: What Is More Important To Track On Instagram?

Reach Vs. Impressions

Understanding the metrics behind your Instagram posts is critical to developing an effective social media strategy. This article compares reach and impressions on Instagram and discusses which metric is more important for tracking success on Instagram.

Have you ever wondered which metric is more important to track on Instagram – reach or impressions? In this article, we’ll look at each of the pros and cons so that it helps you to make an informed decision when tracking your Instagram performance. Find out what’s more important between Reach vs. Impressions and how to optimize them for maximum success!

What are Reach and Impressions?

Reach and impressions are the two most important metrics to track on Instagram. Here’s a quick rundown of each:

Reach is the number of unique visitors who have seen your posts/videos.

Checking the number of times your post gets an impression, regardless of how many people have seen it.

So, which one is more important? Reach is the more important metric, as it tells you how many people see your content. Impressions are still important, but they give less insight into your content’s success.

Differences between Reach and Impressions

When understanding your Instagram audience, two metrics often used interchangeably are reached and impressions; however, there is a big difference between the two, and knowing which is more important can help you better tailor your content strategy.

Reach is the number of unique Instagram users who see your content. This metric is essential because it gives you an idea of how many people see your posts. However, it can be limited because it only counts users who scroll through their feeds and come across your content.

Impressions are the total number of times your content is seen, regardless of whether it’s by the same user. The metric is significant because it gives you an idea of the potential reach of your content – even if people continue to engage with it.

So, which metric should you be tracking? The answer may depend on your goals. If you’re trying to increase brand awareness or reach a new audience, impressions might be more critical. If you are trying to boost engagement or get more clicks on your links, then reach might be a better metric to focus on.

Pros and Cons of Tracking Reach Vs. Impressions

There is no easy answer when deciding whether reach or impressions are more important to track on Instagram. Both metrics have pros and cons that should be considered before deciding.


-Reach is an excellent metric to use if you want to gauge the overall visibility of your content.

-It can help determine how many people see your content, even if they don’t engage.

-However, Reach can be inflated by bots and fake accounts, so it’s only sometimes an accurate measure of engagement.


-Impressions are an excellent metric to use if you want to gauge the engagement of your content. 

-This metric considers both organic and paid reach, so it’s a more accurate measure of how many people interact with your content. 

However, ad blockers can affect impressions, so they may not always accurately measure authentic engagement.

Understanding Your Audience’s Reactions to Your Posts

It’s great that you’re tracking your reach and impressions on Instagram, but it’s also essential to understand your audience’s reactions to your posts. You can look at a few things to understand how your audience responds to your content.

The first is the engagement rate. It is the percentage of people who saw your post and took action, such as liking, commenting, or sharing. A high engagement rate means that people are interested in what you’re posting and are more likely to take action.

You can also look at the number of new followers you gain after each post. If you see a spike in new followers after a particular post, that means people were interested in what you had to say and wanted to follow you for more great content.

Finally, look at the overall tone of the comments on your posts. If people leave positive, constructive comments, that’s a good sign that they enjoy your content. On the other hand, if the comments are negative or critical, it might be time to rethink your strategy.

By understanding your audience’s reaction to your posts, you can fine-tune your content strategy to meet their needs and interests better.

How to Increase Reach and Impressions?

There’s no denying that reach and impressions are both crucial metrics to track on Instagram. But which one is more important? 

It depends on your business goals. Reach is more important if you really want to increase brand awareness. If you want to drive traffic or sales, impressions are more important. 

Here are some tips for increasing reach and impressions:

– Use hashtags: Hashtags are a great way to get your content more impression and reach. Use relevant, popular hashtags in your posts and stories.

– Post regularly: The more you post, the more likely people will see your content. You could post atleast once a day, if not more.

– Use Instagram ads: Ads can help you reach even more people on Instagram. They also boost impressions for specific goals like website clicks or product views.

Tools to Track Reach Vs. Impressions on Instagram

You can use several tools to track your reach and impressions on Instagram. 

  1. Insights for Instagram: This tool is provided by Instagram itself and gives you detailed information about your posts, including reach and impressions.
  2. Iconosquare: This third-party tool provides detailed analytics for your Instagram account.
  3. Measured: This tool provides detailed insights into your Instagram account, including reach and impressions.
  4. Sprout Social: This tool provides detailed analytics for your social media accounts, including Instagram.
  5. Hootsuite Insights: This tool provides detailed insights into your social media accounts, including Instagram.


Regarding Instagram analytics, Reach and Impressions are two of the most important metrics to track. While they both provide valuable insights into how your content is performing, reach is often prioritized as an indicator of the success of a post or campaign. Ultimately, both metrics should be considered when measuring Instagram performance and understanding which content resonates best with your audience. Knowing which metric to prioritize will help you craft more engaging content that reaches more people and creates lasting impressions for your brand!