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How To Make Instagram Reels For Your Business

Make Instagram Reels

Instagram is a popular social media platform for creating video content; comparatively, audiences are more engaging with video posts than images. You have different formats on Instagram to share video content. Reels are one of the fastest-growing formats on Instagram to share videos, and it is helpful to create short videos for entertainment purposes and to expose your brand. Making Instagram reels helps to gain more followers, promote your products and services, expand your brand reach, increase audience engagement, and build a strong community. Making short videos will help to grab more audience attention because most users like to watch reels due to time factors. Research shows that reels are getting 60% more engagement than other video posts on Instagram. If you need to learn how to make reels on Instagram, keep reading this article to create your own reels.

Instagram reels

Instagram reels are short-form video and length can be up to 90 seconds. You can view reel videos in full-screen vertical format, endless scroll in your feed, and add music or sound effects to create entertaining content. Instagram allows you to make reels with unique editing tools like adding multiple clips, filters, captions, set backgrounds, and stickers to increase fun while watching videos. Why should you use Instagram reels for your content? Because it gains more audience attention than other posts. Many users say that the Instagram algorithm promotes reels more highly than other content; however, Instagram clearly shows that video is their priority. 


Reels are the most visible content format on Instagram because you can post reels at the reels tab, stories, and your feed. Once you create your reel, share it with your friends or people on Instagram. Sharing a reel with more people can help increase your Instagram account’s viewership. Instagram reels are primarily helpful for creating funny videos. Nevertheless, many brands use reels to showcase their products and announce their new arrival, which can help extend their business on social platforms. 

How to make Instagram reels with video

Instagram allows you to create reels only through your mobile device, not on a desktop site. If you are familiar with the Instagram platform, making reels is easy. Even though creating a reel as a beginner on this platform is also easy.

Here are steps to make reels on Instagram:

Select reel

Open the Instagram app on your phone.

Open the Instagram app

Tap plus(+)icon at the top right corner of the screen and choose “Reel” from the available options.

Choose Reel

Record or upload video for reels

Press and hold the record button on Instagram to create reels or upload videos from your camera roll. You can set a timer for your reels that will automatically start recording the reels after the countdown ends. Instagram allows you to record multiple clips for each reel. Click the record button to stop the particular clip, and again click the same button to start with a new clip. Once you record the reel, click on “Edit Clip” to make necessary edits like adding, deleting, or aligning the clips to line up your content.

Upload Reels

Editing your reel

Once you complete the recording, you can add filters, text, and stickers to your reels.To edit the reels click the editor icon at the top of the screen and try out every feature that is available. Editor is the reel’s in-built tool so that you can do all editing in one feature. 

Edit Reels

Adjust your reel before posting

After doing your edits, tap the next button at the bottom right corner of your screen. 

Edit Clips

Here you will see some features that you can add to your reels.

To add a cover page for your reel, tap “edit cover” and choose any one clip from your reel as a cover. Another way to add cover for your reels is to take a photo from your camera roll. You can also have the option to add captions, tag people, and add locations to your reel. Enable Facebook recommendations for your reel help, users to view your content on that platform. You don’t need to have a Facebook account to access this feature. If you are using your own audio to reel, give a name for the audio; when other users use this sound, the audio name will show on their reels.

Post your reel

Once you are ready to publish your reels, click the “share” button at the bottom of your screen. Before sharing your content, you can decide whether your reels are to be present on your Instagram feed.

Share Reel

Access Instagram reel

 Instagram allows you to create and access your reels in three different ways

1.Create your reels from the reel tab

To create a reel from the reel tab, tap on the “Reel” icon at the bottom center of your screen and click the “camera” icon at the top right corner.

2.  Create reels from your home screen

To create a reel from your home screen, tap plus (+) icon at the top right corner, and you will see post, story, reel, and live, then choose the “Reel” button.

3.  Create reels from your stories camera

First, open your story’s camera, then check whether the reel icon is placed between normal mode or create mode. Otherwise, you can see the reel after the story icon. You can add reel clips internally or externally; To add clips externally, choose clips from your camera roll (to do this, press the (+) icon at the bottom left corner). To add clips internally, press and hold the record circle in the middle of your screen.

You can add music to your reels by tapping the audio icon at the left-side corner. Then search songs from the Instagram music library, or use your own audio while recording your reel. When sharing original audio with your reel can be helpful to other users for creating reels. They can use your audio by selecting the “use audio” button in your reel. 

Ideas to make reels viral 

Almost 90% of the users spend more time watching video content on Instagram.

Making Instagram reels is one of the Instagram marketing strategies for businesses. Creating entertaining and innovative videos for business can increase your brand awareness and promote new products or services. 

Attractive opening

You can create reels up to 90 seconds, but you have only ten seconds to grab users’ attention. Once the beginning is not good, then users quickly scroll through another reel. You are placing attractive and informative content at the start of your reel to turn the audience to watch your content as a whole. Posting reels at the best time should be the first preference for many brands to boost their presence on Instagram. You can also keep the audience’s attention on your video content by setting trending audio for your clip.

Add brand elements to the reel

Adding brand information to your reel helps promote your brand gradually. To make your audience more recognizable about your brand, add the company name and logo on your video content if users are familiar with your brand, which could make them watch your reels frequently.

Make fun content

Instagram reels are best for sharing educational, innovative, and entertaining content. Use viral music in your reels to keep the audience watching your content, and it will be helpful to stop scrolling their fingers to the next. Insert a “call to action “in your video, such as linking your profile, following your account, or viewing other content to boost your audience engagement.


Instagram reels are a goldmine for helping the growth of your brand. This article covers everything you need to know about reels. Creating reels is not expensive; you can also make content for a short time to develop your business.  The advantage of using reels is that you can repurpose other social media content as reels. Unlike other video posts on Instagram, you can share reels on stories, reels tab, explore page, and in other social media platforms. Ensure that you are using brand-related information on video content to increase your brand reach, build a community and connect with your audience.