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Everything You Need To Know About Instagram Reel Insights

Instagram Reels Insights

Instagram is one of the visual platforms for sharing photos and videos across the world. Almost 75% of the active users on Instagram upload content regularly. So Instagram has become the most powerful social media channel for individuals and businesses. Many businesses are creating content on Instagram to enhance brand awareness and expand their customers. The reel is the best feature to create a video for your business because it has 65% more engagement than other content formats. You need to find what type of reel content is getting more engagement on Instagram by knowing insights. If you know, insights for your reel can help you for future reference, and it tells how your content is performing and what type of content gets more engaging with your audience. Keep reading this article to learn how Instagram reel insights work on your content.

What Are Instagram Reel Insights?

Insights are a great Instagram feature to show your reel’s performance, allowing you to track, collect and analyze data from each reel. With the help of insights, you can know more about your target audience and their activity on the platform. It provides in-depth analytics of your followers when they are mostly active on Instagram. You can only see the number of likes, views, and comments by clicking on your content before reel insights are not featured on Instagram. Fortunately, the platform includes a tab to see your reel’s insights, which helps to understand your reel performance. It gives information about likes, comments, views, saves, reach, plays, and shares. 

Like other Instagram analytics, you can take advantage of reel insights to understand the content strategy, and from that, you will make reels to drive more interaction and enhance your following. It is an excellent feature for business owners or marketers who need to understand their potential audience interaction with the help of an Instagram profile. Using these insights, marketers can know which images perform well and what type of post drives more engagement.

Reel Insights Metrics

Instagram lets you know the insights to determine your reel performance by knowing some metrics (account reached, plays, likes, comments, saves, shares). Reel insights are split into two parts: discovery and interactions. 

Reel Discovery

This feature is similar to reach and impressions in a regular post. 

Accounts reached: This shows how many Instagram users saw your reel at least once. Suppose it gets more than usual count, which could be a positive sign. Your reel will appear on the Instagram explore page or at the top of the reel’s tab. It indicates that you are posting content with the right strategy. On the other hand, suppose it is lower than the usual count, which could be a negative sign. This indicates that you post reels at the wrong time or using  banned hashtags in your content. Because of this, your content may be visible at a less discoverable part on Instagram.

Plays: Tells the number of times your reel played. It can be more than the number of accounts reached because some users might watch your reel more than once, and it is a positive note that they really like your reel post. 


Reel Interactions

Reel interactions display how many users engage with your reels, split into four sections: comments, likes, shares, and saves.

Likes: It displays how many users liked your reels.

Comments: It shows the number of comments for each reel.

Saves: It displays how many users saved your reel video on their profile.

Shares: It shows the number of times Instagram users shared your reel with other users on Instagram.

Getting more likes, shares, and saves is a positive sign for audience engagement on reels. But when talking about the number of comments manually, you need to check the content of that feedback. Comments may be good or bad; it’s not a matter for Instagram if you get more comments for your reels, then the algorithm automatically takes the content to greater visibility.

In addition, if you are getting negative comments for your reels, you should promptly take action for your audience’s comments. Whether it’s about your reels or about your brand, and rectifying is a good idea for your business.

Reel Insights Reach

You can see the overview of the insights for the Instagram reel, and to view, tap the “insights” button at the bottom of your bio. It automatically shows the metrics of your reels for seven days and also shows consistency from week to week. You can know the number of followers and non-followers’ reach by navigating to the reach section on your reel insights, and it helps to compare your reel reach to other content types. Also, view your top-performing reel within 7 to 30 days duration and create the same type of reel to make engagement with your audience.

Fix Reel Insights Is Not Working

Primarily, you can see reel insights only on the Instagram app, so make sure you are not using your account on a web browser.

You can access the reel insights by switching your account from personal to business or creator account. You can use this account to know your insights. To do this, follow the below steps:

  • Open the Instagram app on your mobile phone and tap the hamburger icon in the top right corner of the screen.
  • Select the “Setting” option from the available option and go to account on settings.
  • You will see “switch to professional account” and tap on it.
  • Now your account turns into a professional account, and you can access “insights” of your reel.

Remember that you can only see insights for your posts once you delete past data when you have a personal account.

How To Access Instagram Reel Insights

The first thing to view reel insights, you should need to have a business or creator account on Instagram so that you can access the insights. It is easy to switch your personal to a business account, and it takes a few minutes in your settings. So it’s valuable to learn more about your reel success and other content strategies.

There are two different ways to see your Instagram reel insights are follows:

View Instagram Reels Insights For Individual Reels

Open the Instagram app on your phone and click the “profile” icon; here, you will see the “reels” tab and open it. You can see each reel’s performance by clicking a particular reel. Open the reel that you need to see insights. After that, click on the “three-dot” icon in the bottom right corner of your screen. Then choose the “view insights” option from the list of menus. It will show the analytics of that particular reel.

In Other Way, To See an Overview Of Reel Insights

Open the Instagram app on your phone, click the insights icon under your bio, or click the hamburger icon at the top right corner and choose “insights” from the available list. Accessing insights with the help of your profile icon will provide information about the performance of all your posts, including reels, more than the past 30 days.

How To Use Insight To Create Better Reels

Now you know where to see your reel insights and why you should monitor your reel performance. It is time to use all these analyses to work on your reels.

Here are three tips using reel insights to make a better post:

Test With Different Reel Lengths:

Instagram allows users to create reels up to 90 seconds long, and it does not suggest you to use the whole time. Statistics say that users can watch the average reel time of 8-15 seconds. So create reels with a short time to make a higher engagement. Users may watch a reel for up to 8 seconds if they don’t like that and usually scroll to the next reel. To keep your audience stay on your reel use visual styles, filters, text, captions, effects, and trends. Make different reels with various timing to know insights of what really works for your brand. Before creating a reel, you should find out what trends are going on and make a reel with that to reach the audience. 

Make Reels With Different Audio

Instagram permits you to add audio for a reel in a different way:

  •   You can use original audio from your video clip
  •   Give voiceover to your video
  •   Make use of the text-to-speech generator
  •   Choose audio from your phone gallery
  •   Otherwise, take audio from the music library

To learn about reel insights, try using different audio effects for your reel to see what is really good for your profile.

Post At Perfect Time

Finding the best time for your reel can maximize the audience reach and growth of your business. Reel insights give you information about when your followers are most active on Instagram. The process of analyzing the best time for your reel is a simple technique. Just post reels with different timing and see at what time works best for you and your audience. Knowing this is good for you to post great reels when your audience is online.


Now you know how Instagram reel insights work and to track your reel performance. To learn this is a great way to beat your competitors, identify opportunities and make conversions on your profile. Finding the above reel insights metrics can help you know what your audience likes and when to post reels to make the best reach. Make reels with AR filters, effects, music tracks, and captions to grab the audience’s attention for your profile. Analyzing Instagram reel insights will help you to understand past post performance and create better content further. After posting reels, check your reel insights frequently to know whether your reel is successful or not. Tracking your reel insights should be an essential part of your business marketing strategy.