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Everything You Need To Know About Instagram Reels Hashtags

Instagram Reels Hashtags

Instagram is one of the best platforms for marketers to grow their businesses and It is a crucial part of social media marketing. Reels are becoming an essential part of the platforms, and how could you maximize your reel content? Using hashtags for reels is an effective way to get more audience engagement, and maximize the ROI for your content. Instagram reel hashtags skyrocket for your business to new heights and it can be helpful to increase the likes, views, and followers for the post. You can use hashtags for your content with some strategies like relevant and add a few hashtags for your post. While choosing relevant hashtags for your niche is hard, Keep reading this article to learn how to use hashtags for your Instagram reels. 

What Are Instagram Hashtags?

A hashtag is a word or bunch of words that have a pound sign ’#’ before it. You can use hashtags on various social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to classify posts by topic. It is a more discoverable part of social media to organize content. Adding hashtags to your Instagram reels helps boost your audience visibility, and you can discover new content by following the hashtags. To include hashtags for your content, put hashtag symbol(#), then follow up with your keyword, with no space in between. If you use trending hashtags for your posts, your reels may pop up in the search results when people search for that hashtags. But you should be cautious in using hashtags for better results. Once you know the hashtags strategy, it will be helpful to magnify your content reach on Instagram.

Why Should Use Instagram Reel Hashtags?

Hashtags are essential for categorizing posts on Instagram, and almost 70% of the users upload photos or video posts daily. It is the most challenging part for Instagram to deliver the right content to the right audience. With the help of hashtags, users can discover posts through search. Adding hashtags for your post can easily be discoverable by viewers and see your content. Using relevant hashtags for your reel post is one of the best strategies to expand your target audience. People on Instagram who follow or search a hashtag can see your content even if they don’t follow your profile. You can use hashtags to build a strong community, analyze user-generated content, research your potential audience, etc. The benefit of adding hashtags for your reel is to drive audience engagement and make the conversion on your brand.

How Many Hashtags Should You Use On Your Instagram Posts?

Instagram allows you to add 30 hashtags on a regular post and ten hashtags on a story.

Suppose adding more than 30 hashtags could impact your comment or caption section and will not appear on your post. Even though Instagram gives advice to creators should use hashtags between 3-7 hashtags on their posts. It’s hard to follow, but this should be one of the strategies for using hashtags. . Providing all 30 hashtags to your post makes it very clumsy, So add minimum hashtags on your post. Commonly, Instagram says that using 11 hashtags for a post is good. However, the most common number of hashtags used on Instagram is 3-5. Use these ideas for your business or test with hashtags to find what works best for your brand.

Choosing Relevant Hashtags For Your Reels

You can use different types of hashtags to post reels on Instagram. However, using relevant hashtags on your Instagram reels can help your followers and other viewers to find your content. The most common case on algorithms is that they automatically push content to reach a wider audience when the content has more views and engagement. The same strategy applies to Instagram algorithms, and it’s one of the best opportunities to reach your potential customers. Knowing relevant hashtags for your business is a key benefit for your brand growth and is also helpful to reach more audiences. Finding perfect hashtags for your reels is easy because Instagram has a separate reels tab. 


Relevant Hashtag Idea For Instagram Reels:

  • Use niche hashtags that are relevant to your profile.
  • Give hashtags that relate to your reel content
  • Checkout your target audience and what hashtags use on Instagram, like audience-specific hashtags, and use those hashtags in your post
  • Post reels with Other brand or community hashtags
  • Use your business or product hashtags
  • Provide viral trending hashtags in your post

Hashtag Strategies For Instagram Reels

Instagram hashtags are like SEO keywords and use hashtags with a mix of high and low-competition terms , and niche terms relevant to your content. You can decide which hashtags to use, such as what’s your profile , what your reel post is about, and what your target audience expects searching on Instagram. After that, find what hashtags are viral in your industry and add brand or product hashtags.

Best Instagram Reels Hashtag Ideas

Use hashtags to rank your content at the top on reels feed, here are four key ideas to find hashtags for your post.


To find the best hashtags for Instagram reels, tap the search icon at the bottom of the screen. It will show up popular videos and trends on Instagram. You can select topics at the top of the screen to see results for those specific themes. Otherwise enter your keyword in the search bar at the top to see hashtags, users, and more about your hashtags.

You can see four types of tabs results when your search:


Top: You can see the top result for your search term with the help of this tab

Account: Based on your search, it shows the most relevant profile result.

Tags: It shows the most trending and popular hashtags.

Places: this shows the most suitable locations near you relevant to your search term.

Competitor Research

Knowing popular influencers and brands on this platform is one of the best ideas to find the top Instagram reels hashtag. It is an excellent method for hashtags ideas by analyzing influencers or brands you need to compete. Once you find your competitor, look at their posting and how they use hashtags in their brand. You can find more information from your competitors related to your niche.

Other Social Channels

You can take trending hashtags from other social media channels to your instagram reels. With these hashtags, you can skyrocket your Instagram reels to the top of the popular list. Otherwise, use an Instagram hashtag generator, show the best hashtags that you need and also allow you to create your own hashtags for your reel post.

Social  Listening

Social media listening  play a vital role in getting helpful information about your potential audiences, like what they really want from your brand or their opinion about your brand. Social  listening is the right strategy to step ahead of your competitor.

Benefits Of Using Hashtags

Hashtags are one of the best ways to reach your target audience and increase engagement rates on many social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Twitter. Here are some benefits of using hashtags in social media marketing strategy.

Audience Interaction

Easy way to show your content in people’s sight by adding hashtags. For instance, if you add popular hashtags to your post, which could be the chance to see your content when people search for that hashtags. It is a great way to increase engagement, and more audience attention on your post might be possible to follow your profile.

Brand Awareness

You can use hashtags to increase your brand awareness and brand affinity with people. Many businesses use branded hashtags to promote their business, which could be an excellent strategy to drive traffic for your content and make the conversion on your sales criteria. Especially using branded hashtags when creating fun challenges will definitely increase engagement.

Target Audience

With the help of hashtags, the target audience can find your brand on social media, and it also helps you to show your content in front of the right people. If you need to satisfy your audience on Instagram, engage with them using different ways, like creating quality content, appreciating your audience’s efforts through their comments, raising questions, and answering your audience’s comments. These activities help to build a strong relationship between your brand and target audience.


Now you know how to add hashtags for your Instagram reels, and this article provides everything about hashtags. Hashtags are the best way to boost followers and maximize your reach on social media platforms. Using hashtags for reels on Instagram can drive more engagement for your posts and traffic to your profile. However, people searching for those hashtags can be the chance to see your content when you use hashtags. If you use relevant hashtags often, note them down,  and when you post, copy/paste, which helps you save time while using the same hashtags repeatedly. Before using hashtags, remember that all Instagram hashtags you post should be relevant to your content, so don’t copy/paste the entire list for every post.