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How Does The Instagram Reels Algorithm Work?

Instagram Reels Algorithm

Instagram is one of the best social media platforms for marketing your brand online. Almost 75% of users on Instagram say that it plays a huge part in their lives and is the most popular social channel of all ages. Users scroll through the explore feeds because they can’t get what they expect. To improve user interface, Instagram set a target to show the most appropriate content that is helpful to audience engagement. Knowing how Instagram algorithms work can help you to enhance your profile visibility, make conversions on customers, and enhance your followers. 

Understanding algorithms is crucial for marketers, influencers, content creators, and brands. Instagram reels feature are getting more engagement rates than other types of content, so many businesses are considering content strategy and leveraging Instagram reels to grow their brand. Instagram is constantly changing its algorithm, so keeping it for your content is challenging. It is best to know how does the Instagram reels algorithm works and which type of content performs best for your niche. In this article, you will learn how does the Instagram algorithm works.

About Instagram Algorithm

Instagram algorithm is a set of rules that works in content to rank top on platforms. Algorithms only decide what type of content to show on top and which order in all user’s feeds, explore pages, reels feed, and hashtags pages. Initially, Instagram algorithm is easy to follow because it displays the post according to chronological form. But now, Instagram algorithm is a highly advanced system to determine which content shows to each user depending on their interest. If you use social media for your marketing strategies, then understanding the latest algorithm updates is a massive part of your business. On the other hand, Instagram algorithms aim to keep users on the app for a longer time by delivering the perfect content you search and displaying relevant content depending on your interest.

Knowing Instagram Reels Algorithm

The main advantage of Instagram reels is to entertain. So many people are enthusiastic to see reels from different accounts even if they don’t follow them, which is very similar to the algorithm aspect of explore pages. The main difference in using reels is that they focus mainly on the content that may entertain you and what you are most likely to watch. The Instagram algorithm works individually for each section of the app. That shows the feed uses a different algorithm from the explore feed, and the reels algorithm works distinct from the explore page. The reason for this to increase user interaction for different section of the app and tell variations about each part of the app. For instance, People intend to see the stories of their friends, but they will go explore pages for the reason of discovering new content. 

The advantage of the ranking system is that to ensure user interface based on each user’s desire. That means each user will see a different item on their reel tab. In addition, even if the same user can have two different accounts on Instagram, the content shown on each account will vary. Take advantage of the Instagram algorithm by creating relevant content for your target audience, which provides more interaction between users and your brand.

How Does Instagram Reel Algorithm Work

Reels algorithm displays the content from both accounts that you follow and don’t follow. The primary mission of this algorithm is to entertain people with content all the time.

The important ranking system for Instagram reels are:

User Interactivity: 


It indicates signals like which reels you like most and what type of content you comment on. These things may be helpful to let Instagram know about what kind of content you primarily interact with and helps to deliver relevant content about your interests.

Interaction History:

Your interaction history is like videos you view from other accounts, even if you don’t follow them, but you have interacted in any way, such as likes, shares, comments, and views earlier. Instagram takes these activities into consideration of your interaction, and it helps Instagram to know what type of content you are interested in. 

Information About The Reel:

Instagram reels algorithm takes information from content factors in a reel, like what the video is about, with the help of an audio track, analysis of the pixels and frames, and video popularity. Those information can help the Instagram algorithm to rank videos accordingly.

Data about the original creator:

Reels algorithm gives each user a chance to determine their potential audience. So it is an excellent opportunity for small content creators and new Instagram accounts to maximize your audience. Video popularity is one of the algorithm considerations because it displays content to the maximum number of users. When an original creator video gets more engagement rate or whose content gets consistent likes and shares, then the algorithm automatically takes that content to the top of the page. Once your post is on top of the page can make more audience to like your reel content and which could lead to more followers for your account.

Ideas To Make Instagram Algorithm Work

The number of user interactions on your post plays an important role in ranking your content, which could increase visibility. If you need to take advantage of the Instagram algorithm for your content by creating content that get more likes, shares, views, comments, and saves.


Here are a some reel ideas to help your content ranking with Instagram algorithm:

Create Entertaining Reels:

Instagram highly promotes reels, you will take advantage of it to enhance more audience engagement on platform. Use the Instagram schedule calendar to make many reels for engaging your followers and attracting more people. Reel algorithms consider entertainment value to ensure that you keep the audience fun, cheerful, and entertaining. Also, consider whether users see a reel at the end, so try to make videos short for users to watch the entire thing. The videos are short-period, informative and at the same time entertaining to the audience, which could definitely reach more audiences.


Importance Of Post Timing

Interactions are one of the vital ranking signals in the reels algorithm. So you need to reach many likes within a couple of seconds after posting content. For this reason, it’s crucial to know your followers when they are mostly active on Instagram. Hence, this might be a chance for interaction with your post. Or else your content is hidden from other user accounts that are already receiving more audience engagement. According to statistics, Thursday is the best day to post, but there are still variations among several studies. So it’s great to see your own metrics, when your followers are mostly active and to engaging with your post content.


Get Comments From People

Engagement is a crucial ranking factor for Instagram reels. So if you need to rank your content on top in explore, feed and reels. Driving more engagement for your profile is a good one; comparatively, other engagement signals and comments are better to boost audience interactions. Make the most valuable caption to encourage users comment on your posts, and a great benefit is that people’s interaction timing will increase when reading your caption. You can add captions like the call to action,  to ask them a question, promptly answer their question, and encourage users to share their opinion.

Use Relevant Hashtags

Hashtags are one of the best ranking signals, which helps the algorithm determine what type of content is about. Using hashtags for your posts can help to categorize relevant content when people search for that hashtags. Adding popular hashtags to your content is the best way to improve your reel ranking and increase audience viewership on platform. If you need to know what hashtags to add to your content, then use any hashtags generator tool that automatically suggests the most relevant hashtags that relate to your content. 



Instagram algorithms can understand what type of content people want to engage with you. Due to this factors, it displays the most popular content to the audience. If you need to receive more engagement on Instagram reels, use the above algorithm ideas to get a higher ranking on platforms. The best way to take advantage of the Instagram algorithm is by knowing your niche and creating engaging content. Once you create the most engaging content, the algorithm automatically takes your content to the top of the reels tab. The most powerful way to use an Instagram algorithm is by building a relationship with your followers. However, whether you are a content creator, brand, or influencer, the need to be famous on Instagram is by knowing algorithm strategy.